The Beauty of Gardening: Creating Your Own Outdoor Oasis

Gardening is not just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle that allows you to connect with nature, unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and create a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. Whether you have acres of land or a small balcony, gardening offers endless opportunities for creativity and relaxation. In this article, we’ll explore the joys of gardening […]


Fragrant plants and scented flowers There are many fine fragrant plants and flowers that grow well in the garden. In addition, these plants are often a favorite of butterflies and bees, of which the latter are of course also very important. The most well-known fragrant plants are of course lavender and the rose, but there are also many more fine […]


Kiwi plant hardy? The fact that the kiwi comes from far (China and New Zealand) already reveals that it is a heat lover. However, it can also hibernate in our garden. The condition is that you choose the right variety. Actinidia deliciosa ‘Jenny’, for example, can tolerate up to twelve degrees of frost, and according to some growers even minus […]

The sprinter of the evergreen world

Leyland Cypress is a fascinating specimen, well-renowned for its rapid growth. Much like a dedicated sprinter racing towards the finish line, this evergreen makes a swift journey from sapling to towering giant. Accelerated growth In the realm of evergreens, Leyland Cypress stands out, clocking growth rates up to 3-4 feet per year. Much like a sprinter setting new records, this […]


Yew: type of conifers The yew belongs to the conifers and is often used as a hedge. It is a slow growing conifer and evergreen. The yew is also called a ‘venom tree’. You can read more about this under Yew hedge plants. How often to prune yew hedge Prune a yew hedge in June and then again towards the […]